The Latest Technologies

99.982% availability, international certification at Tier III level, economic operation and maximum emphasis on cybernetic and physical security. This is how our DataSpring data centres look like. We have designed them in line with the latest trends. We have equipped them with the most up-to-date technologies and placed them in two secure, geographically separated locations — in Prague and Lužice in the South Moravia.
Would you like to learn more about us? Please check our video regarding our data centre in Lužice.

Video DC Lužice


Both our data centres can be found on guarded grounds with controlled entry. Security guards, and professional operators work 24/7 to be able tor resolve any operation-related issues or to help you install your technologies. The operation of the centres is continuously monitored and evaluated by an automated monitoring system. It can identify both emergencies and abnormal development of important operating values.

Optimum Conditions

DataSpring data centres have a backup electrical power, cooling systems and data network connectivity. The data room optimum operation is ensured by a system of closed cold aisles. The space is equipped with fire detection sensors connected to an automatic fire-fighting system.

Tier III Certification

In particularly, we take pride in our new data centre in Lužice near Hodonín. As one of the few centres in the Czech Republic, it received Tier III international certification from Uptime Institute certification authority. The system of concurrent management allows us to run maintenance of any section without the need to suspend activities. All of the above makes Lužice data centre a reliable and secure platform for the provision of services in the territory of Central Europe