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We are your cloud

We provide professional cloud and IT services for businesses and organisations in two geographically separate data centres in the Czech Republic.

We focus on providing cloud infrastructure, we provide IT security, we provide databases and now also offer the first Czech pleAzureStack, cloud self-service built on Microsoft Azure.

We help customers design the most appropriate solution. We will also take care of complete data migration into our environment and care for it. We have our own team of IT professionals and nonstop Service Desk.

We are part of the AUTOCONT Group and a member of the Aricoma Group ICT Group. We are also part of the KKCG Group. We are backed up by partners.

Our data centers

Designed in accordance with latest trends and equipped with the latest technologies. Our data centers are located in two safe geographically separated locations – in Prague and Lužice u Hodonína.

As one of the few in the Czech Republic we are holders of Tier III certificate from the Uptime Institute as well as Information Security Management System (ISMS) ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certificate.

Tier III certification

availability: 99.982%

Optimal conditions

cold aisle temperature 22 ° C with ± 2 ° C tolerance

relative humidity 40 – 60%

cooling is provided by turbocompressor units (N + 1 redundancy)

power supply by modular UPS (N + 1 redundancy)

Emphasis on Security

electronic fire-fighting system

electronic and physical security of the object

stable fire extinguishing equipment

Lužice u Hodonína


We know our customers perfectly

Get to know them too

What our customers say about us

“The Software as a Service type services are very beneficial to clients, as they do not need to own any computer servers, pay employees looking after their information systems, and they do not need to finance and write off IT investments over extended periods of time. They can be invaluable to companies trying out a new line of business. Instead of large IT investments they can simply lease their IT and if the new business fails, they can easily cancel such services."

Jiří Voldán Executive Director for Solution Delivery, Cleverlance

“We value both the quality of services provided and friendly and open communication of DataSpring. During our projects, DataSpring has given us many recommendations, among other how to improve security within our company or to introduce web filtering as part of our best practice. DataSpring listen to the client and want to provide the best value to the client. Thank you.“

Ján Koč IT manager Fiege Czech Republic and Slovakia

“Thanks to the operation of the IT infrastructure in a modern data centre in form of DataSpring services, we as an IT department can respond flexibly to business needs with better support of the functioning of the whole FISCHER group."

Petr Dvořáček IT Director, FISCHER Group

Our people


Marek Chmiel

Chief Executive Officer

David Lukeš

Technical Director

Ondřej Matuštík

Chief Financial Officer

Vojtěch Vojík

Sales Director

Sales team

Certification and Long-term Partnerships

We believe that good IT services cannot be offered without a deep knowledge of the issues, the technologies used and current trends. Therefore, we strive to maintain relationships at the level of long-term partnerships with key technology vendors. This is evidenced by the following certificates.

Tier III Certification

It guarantees uninterrupted technology operation. It commits us to the 99.89% availability of data centres and a maximum of 1.6 hours of downtime allowed per year. Both of our data centres are built in accordance with Tier III.

Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Along with physical security and uninterrupted operation, we also place emphasis on handling the data stored in our data centres. We renew this certification every year.

Fortinet Authorised Partner

We are an Authorized Partner of Fortinet. Thanks to this partnership, we have access to special pricing programs, product information, and an expanded range of training and sales promotion programs.

Registered Cisco Partner

Thanks to this partnership, we have access to special pricing programs, product information, and an expanded range of training and sales promotion programs.

HPE Silver Partner

As part of the HPE Partner Ready Service Providers Program, we are a certified HPE Silver Partner. This certification demonstrates the high technical expertise of our experts and ensures access to the latest technology.

VMware Enterprise Cloud Provider

We have the Cloud Provider competence to create and manage high-availability data centre infrastructure. We are a certified provider of quality services based on VMware virtualisation platform.

VMware Enterprise Solution Provider

We offer VMware product licenses at preferential terms to our customers.

Gold Microsoft Partner

The Microsoft Gold Competency Partner and the Microsoft Silver Competency Partner are awards that show the expertise and professionalism of the services offered. The Microsoft Partner Network program is based on partnership, thanks to which we now have exclusive access to information, including product training, as it develops. This is also a great added value for our customers.

Microsoft Partner Data Center

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner for data centre architecture design and management. As part of this partnership, we have acquired the Datacenter specialisation.

DellEMC Authorised Partner

We are a DellEMC Authorized Partner. Thanks to this partnership, we have access to special pricing programs, product information, and an expanded range of training and sales promotion programs.


What is Compliance

All of us at DataSpring behave according to the ethical rules and principles applicable to the entire KKCG group of which we are part. We also require ethical behaviour from our business partners. Compliance System is a set of ethical rules and principles applicable to the entire KKCG Group. DataSpring s.r.o., as a part of the KKCG Group, has the Compliance System in place and undertakes to comply with all rules and principles included in, or related to, the Compliance System. In the documents below, you will find the fundamental information on the individual areas covered by the Compliance System.

Compliance and contracts

Provisions relating to the anti-bribery and corruption policies that are unconditionally incorporated into contracts with customers, suppliers, vendors, or other business partners of DataSpring s.r.o.

Principles of anti-corruption behaviour

The document details the principles against bribery and corruption, which are enshrined in contracts concluded by DataSpring s.r.o. (see the link above).

Compliance and ethical behaviour

The document contains an approximation of the KKCG Group’s values and their interconnection with the Compliance System, including some principles that both DataSpring s.r.o. and KKCG Group adhere to.

Annual Report

Here you will find the annual report for the past year.

General Terms and Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions of our company for the provision of data centre, cloud and other services, which are valid from 1 October 2019.


This is how we handle personal data.